A2 Hosting Review 2017

Is A2 The Right Host For You?

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This has the affect of controlling and balancing out resources across multiple users. It also helps to prevent slowdowns at peak times and vastly improves the performance of each individual shared server. Now affordable doesn't have to mean poor quality.They do not scrimp and save over customer support, a usual strategy for many budget hosting providers, but rather, they have a highly rated support system that covers live chat, phone and a ticketing system - With trained, US based support agents.

They also offer very competitive pricing, which can get you unlimited domains, bandwidth and disk space for under $5 per month.​ If your budget is tight, this should make you stand up and take notice!To top it all off? A2 offer a 30 day back money guarantee if you aren't completely happy with the service you got, you can walk away with your money back. But that's because they know they deliver a great service so why would you want to leave?

Speed 9.5/10
Customer Support 7/10
Reliability 9.5/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of A2 Hosting

A2 came into the industry in 2003 and they came swinging, being able to boast load times up to 20x faster load speeds, right from the bat. That's 20x faster than other shared hosting providers , all due to their clever server infrastructure and custom developed software. The slogan A2 uses is "We provide services that we would want to use ourselves!". They became a very serious contender very quickly, and the haven't looked back. In fact, they've gone from strength to strength by focusing on performance and support.

They quickly made a name for themselves with load time tests showing speeds of under 1/4 of a second. Yes, you heard right, under 250ms. Under 3 seconds is acceptable, 2 seconds is good, so by that standard, less than quarter of a second is simply staggering. With these kind of speeds their popularity with subscribers increased and increased fast!


Lightening quick page load speeds

Ultra reliable

Decent Client Support


Not competitive pricing

Only 30 day money back guarantee.

Only 1 data centre in the US

If you