Surpass Hosting Review 2017

Is Surpass The Right Host For You?

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99.9% of hosts try to offer everything, but the reality is, the tend to really specialize in one form of hosting and generally use smoke and mirrors to make it look like they are able to able to deliver on all fronts. But a very few put their hands up and admit that they are excellent at just one thing. For example, WPEngine agree quite literally the best hosting provider for WordPress hosting online today, bar none. We adore WP Engine. Another hosting provider that falls in the category is Surpass Hosting.

They only offer shared hosting (And a Reseller option) but boy do they do it well. In a very competitive marketplace, they are very quickly becoming one of our favourites. I think after reading this review, you might start to feel warm and fuzzy about them too.

Speed 7.5/10
Customer Support 9/10
Reliability 10/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of Surpass Hosting

Way back in 2002, Surpass Hosting was launched with one goal. To provide good quality affordable hosting with first class support. In this review we’re going to take a look at whether, 15 years down the line, they’ve managed to achieve that goal.Based out of Orlando Florida, the well respected Surpass Hosting are able to boast being the host of over 500,000 websites, which is no small number. They are a member of the HostDime network of hosting companies and has 2 of their own data centers in the centre of Florida.

Surpass pride themselves on taking their own path and a good example of that philosophy being put into practice is the fact that they only focus on one specific form of hosting. That’s Shared Hosting. Most other hosting companies offer either dedicated servers together with their hosting packages, or possible VPS hosting. These days, it’s pretty common to get all 3. But not with Surpass, they’ve decided to stick to one thing and try to be the best at it. That’s Shared Hosting with a well promoted reseller service to compliment it.

As we mentioned above, it’s this specialization that we like most. We are very much a believer in “Jack of all trades, master of none”. We prefer to work with masters. They have really focused on being good at delivering one form of hosting and it’s enabled them to stand out from the very noisy crowd of hosts all trying to get your attention.


Up time of a minimum of 99.5% guaranteed

Customer Service is Exceptional​

Easy Signup, especially for novices

Easy to Install CMS and Third Party Integrations


Relatively expensive for Entry Level

Intuitive custom DreamHost CPanel

Access After Payment is Not Instant