MDDHosting Review 2017 - Proper Tech Support With Value For Money Pricing

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The technical knowledge of MDDHosting's support is where I believe there true strength lies - The speed of responses, even to extremely difficult questions (and that's coming from a sysadmin) is incredible.  

Mix the crazy good support with the quality servers, value for money packages and good uptime/security.. And you've got one hell of a host.

MDDHosting is a medium sized business privately owned offering a no BS approach. They can be quoted as saying "We do not see our clients as a dollar sign or as a number" what a breathe of fresh air. Formed in 2007 with a clear vision of who they wanted to be and how they wanted to do it, they have kept operations low key and have no plans to sell out. I like the sticking to what you do and do well method, you can not get that wrong.

"Unlike most web hosts we don't hide who we are!" ​

They talk the talk and from my experience they can walk the walk, the service is truely pain free. Who is their target market? everyone wanting to create and operate a website. No holding back, if you want to create your own online real estate we want to help you do that. I can say that the sign up process and the installation processes were very easy and I never felt overwhelmed (pretending I was a newbie). 

A couple of years ago MDDHosting was at the maximum limit of growth, they were limited by resources and hardware. ​To future proof this limitation MDDHosting sought out NimbleStorage and jointly worked out the Highly Available Network Storage solution. Using this system MDDHosting now has the ability to increase server resources on a single or large scale allocation, continuous scaleability is possible with ease.

Not being limited by hardware has certainly helped MDDHosting increase their profile, and the partnership with NimbleStorage is proving very rewarding for both parties and everyone is a winner.​

Who would use MDD

I would suggest if you just want to start a blog or informational website, that you use another website hosting company. ​If you are comfortable spending a bit more than industry standard for shared hosting then you have a solid option here. 

Thinking big and wondering if MDDHosting can handle your 10,000 pages, think smart and use the VPS plan for best results not shared hosting.​

MDDHosting is for you if you are a medium to advanced user, have some technical understanding and can use all the unlimited options that are provided. You could be well set for success with the basic plan, or for more scalability try the premium hosting.​

The Good and the Bad

​I treated this review as if I was a new website owner and using a project website. Using a simple 10 page website, low content word count and several images per page my information website was migrated in a couple of hours. Browsing of my website Im provided with a fast load speed, smooth browsing experience with no disruption. MDDHosting has really put together a great service with this hosting solution.

I played around with the Cpanel and client login area specifically for this review.​ My tickets going to support were answered fast and the technical requests I sent in, I could of answered by visiting the knowledge base. The support representative answered everything, and even provided reference points for future troubleshooting, well done.

These points provide some of the best features but not all, to list them all would of really blown the the bad out of the water.

  • Daily Backups
  • Very Fast Page Load Speeds
  • Free Website Transfers
  • Fast Support Response Times
  • Super Knowledgeable Support
  • Easy To Instal CMS
  • The Extra Features

Thats some very valid points on the list, there is so much YES! with MDDHosting.

There was no real bad points I could bring up, had the website been a real live business website or my main  source of income then the downtime would of been a pain point for me. The points I could frown upon are:

  • Let Down On Uptime
  • Pricing Structure Fluctuates
  • Shared Hosting Pricing Is Higher End

Features Explored

Jam packed with extra features MDDHosting lives true to the earlier quote that you are not just a dollar or a number to them.​

The plans offered are Shared hosting in two categories being Basic and Business. There is a premium service categorised by Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each of these services comes with the option to add on additional services.​

There are some limitations placed on all plans in order to secure the service for all users, by eliminating problems before they arise.​

The limitations are placed on all accounts, these limits are placed on accounts in order to preserve the integrity of all accounts. This keeps anyone doing extremely unfair practises like server hogging, segregated from harming other users. Without limits like these entire servers could crash rendering several accounts disabled, view this as a positive move from MDDHosting. Some of the limitations are;​

  • ​1 GB Ram
  • 1 CPU Core 
  • 20 Entry Processes
  • 100 Processes
  • 10 Megabytes second Disk IO
  • 250,000 Inodes (File Count)
  • 25 Concurrent MySQL Connections


​All plans with MDDHosting allow for unlimited domains names to be hosted along with unlimited subdomains. 

MDDHosting provides a disclaimer with this, they point out that every domain and subdomain count towards your total resources requests and not to exhaust these resources.​ MDDHosting requests that you optimize your databases removing files not required and aim to keep file size around 2 gigabyte or smaller.

Each new domain and subdomain you add counts towards your total usage of CPU, RAM and Disk I/O.​


​MDDHosting provides a month credit if you fail to receive the advertised 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

In my testing I calculate the overall uptime to be about 99.7% to 99.8% uptime. This is not a huge difference, but it is important if you are hosting your business website ​with MDDHosting. My testing I will say has been  relatively short time just over 2 months.


​In terms of speed MDDHosting uses LightSpeed and the pairing work absolute magic. Looking at an average page load speed of 605 ms calculated over 45 days this is pure bliss. The speed of MDDHosting is 20% faster than other hosts we have tested, no slouch on giving you the need for speed.

605 ms Page Load

The LightSpeed pairing provides subscribers websites with unparalleled load speeds, if you want to have a super fast browsing experience for your visitors MDDHosting all the way. 

The Premium and VPS hosting plans are extremely fast, the basic shared hosting plan is fast but is limited as it is a shared hosting.​

Unlimited Policy

​Unlimited Policies on website hosting websites are them being transparent with the fair use policy. When you get a plan that has unlimited in the plan inclusions thats exactly what you get. There is a clause where MDDHosting will notify you if they suspect that you are using excessive amounts of CPU, RAM and Disk I/O. MDDHosting staff will contact you to advise its best for you to upgrade to a VPS plan.

This is what MDDHosting is saying about shared hosting "We will do our best to advise you of what we suspect will be a time to upgrade, we really do not like telling subscribers to upgrade. Keep in mind how you would feel if the performance of your site was degraded in quality due to other users that you have no control over".  They are looking out for you and the other subscribers, who would be put off if you were hogging the resources.​

You do not need to worry about running out of bandwidth or disk space MDDHosting has you covered.​


You have access to create unlimited email accounts with every plan, but there are some limitations with how you operate these email accounts.​ The below bullet points outline some of the main limits.

  1. ​Email accounts are limited to 1,000 emails sent per hour
  2. Email Accounts 12,000 total daily sent email limit
  3. Accounts receiving 20 spam reports over a 1 month period will need to be moved to a third party service.
  4. Using purchased subscriber lists are prohibited
  5. All subscribers must be double opt-in
  6. All emails sent out must include a one click unsubscribe

These limitations are nothing out of the ordinary, very standard but you should be aware of the fine print. I checked a subscriber list I want to use with my MDD hosted website, and I wont be using it now after reading this in more detail.


One thing I like to do before spending money is look at the company FaceBook profile there google reviews and just get an idea of how they are as a company and the quality of service provided. 

I didn't have to look far to see that MDDHosting provides a premium product, with very little negative reviews thats a positive thing to see about a hosting provider.​ 

Knowledge Base & Tutorials​

​A good knowledge base can save a company a lot time wasting support requests, It's also very important to highlight that you do have a knowledge base. When a new customer signs up MDDHosting provides the information that makes life easier, providing the sections on their website where to log support tickets and find the knowledge base. Thats smart business, I found everything I needed with ease and even answered my own questions about the emails as described in the above emails section.

As you can see below the knowledge base is set out very simple to navigate everything is categorised and has a bunch of answers for you.


​Pricing & Subscriptions

MDDHosting provides a service that is more commonly overpriced by others at affordable prices. ​The signup application process was relatively easy, although spread across multiple pages that could of been limited to less pages. Still the process was painless, and I have a extremely fast hosting provider looking after my website.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Premium hosting

Basic Plan - $3.50 monthly

1 Domain and Unlimited Email Accounts

1 Gig of Disk Space​

Unlimited Databases​ & Bandwidth

CPanel and Free SSL with Lets Encrypt​

Professional Plan - $9.50 monthly​

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts​

Unlimited Disk Space​

MDDHosting also offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS), there are add ons for Softaculous, LiteSpeed Web Host, Additional IP addresses.


​Customer Support

When a company excels at something they need to be commended, MDDHosting has superior customer support. The times I contacted support I waiting no more than 6 minutes and an average of 4 minutes, the staff were mostly very technically skilled. I was only handed to a more technical operator when fishing for answers, I would say I wasn't being difficult more just asking about the how they calculated downtime percentages.

Methods of contact include, Support ticket submit, Telephone Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and direct email.

In my experience with MDDHosting I would say the average response time was 5 minutes. They claim response rates of 6 minutes, but I didn't wait more than 6.6 minutes per support request. I also was sending in a screenshot of my error message, I think this also moves you up the list of responses as you come prepared. I always send screenshots of exactly what my problem, is so that the support person can prepare an answer then contact me, saving both of us time.

Data Centres


​MDDHosting has data centres located in the Handy networks datacenter  that is located in Denver, Colorado.

  • Three x 2000Kw Diesel Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage​ 
  • One x 160kVa USP Battery Backup Unit
  • One x 375kVa Battery Backup Unit
  • 800 amp 480v 3 Phase Input Power
  • Redundant Liebert HVAC Units totalling 118 tonnes of cooling
  • Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  • Complete Security of the Facility including CCTV and Proximity Security Acess

Located in Denver MDDHosting's data centre has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a top notch hosting provider. The data centre is guarded with high security and proximity alarms, and spread across 4,000 square feet of raised floor. MDDHosting has invested heavily in improving their scalability since being capped by hardware (see opening section) and a strategic partnership with NimbleStorage.

Alternatives To MDD Hosting


I am a firm believer ​WPEngines is the Allstar performer within website hosting, Premium affordable hosting.

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SiteGround is a solid hosting solution, we rated it our number #1 Click the link below to see for yourself.

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After running this test project for over 45 days I can say that MDDHosting is the goods. If you don't mind the downtime and paying a bit more than your average shared host, then this is a great choice. You will enjoy a unlimited usage policy that is all in your favour and the support from well equipped operators.

How would I summarise MDDHosting? No fuss, to the point and what you see is what you get.​

My final word is MDDHosting is a solid all rounder that has ridiculous speeds, there is so many features that add to the already solid service. ​

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